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First Class To Funky Bohemian: 10 Great NYC Wine Bars - July 3, 2012
“What’s not to love about the Tangled Vine? They have a commendable selection of hidden gems, unusual bin-end lots and small production European wines to tempt the enthusiast and curious amateur alike. Combine this with an easygoing, knowledgeable staff and fantastic food and you get pretty close to my ideal wine bar.”
  For Reservas, No Cellar Required - April 9, 2012
“...the wine panel tasted 20 Rioja reservas from a range of vintages that are available in stores... For the tasting, Florence Fabricant and I were joined by Ashley Santoro, the wine director at Casa Mono near Gramercy Park, and Victoria Levin, general manager of the Tangled Vine on the Upper West Side... “I was expecting a lot of black and a lot of white, and I was excited to find so much gray,” Victoria said.”
  Bottle Shop
“Victoria Levin has a defense ready for everyone of your wine attacks. Come to the Tangled Vine, the Upper West Side wine bar where she is beverage director, and ask
for a pino grigio, America's insipid white of choice, and she'll charm you into trying a sterling example of Gavi, the Piedmontese white...”
  NYC The Tangled Vine
“...Open a wine bar on the Upper West Side, historically a lan of middle-brow restaurants serving large portions of family-friendly fare. Create a friendly intimate atmosphere by serving small plates with big flavors...”
  Rosés of a Different Color - July 5, 2011
“As part of recalibrating one’s expectations, it would probably be wise to think about what to eat with these rosados, which are bigger and fruitier than the norm. “Maybe not with shrimp or a salad,” Victoria said, “but maybe with richer food, like burgers on a grill.” Why not? The market is already saturated with light, flirty rosés. These rosados are for committed red-wine drinkers.”
Time Out NY

Best New Local: The Tangled Vine Wine Bar & Kitchen - April 1, 2011
"No beer-shot specials. No scrubby digs. No tude. Dive bars may have their place, but this year you traded get-plastered guzzling for grown-up tippling, and named this UWS wine bar your favorite new home-away-from-home hang. The Tangled Vine’s dead-serious vino selection is delivered via chummy service and an approachable menu that speaks to cork dorks and novices alike..."
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  Spaniards of Distinction From Priorat - March 14, 2011
"These wines are big, and they’re strong, but they seduce,” Victoria said.
“You taste it, you feel it, you want to touch it. It’s very visceral to me."
  More Than One Part of France Is Fizzy - December 20, 2010
"Curious about the non-Champagne side of French sparkling wine, and true to its seasonal obligation, the wine panel recently tasted 20 bottles of Gallic bubbly. For the tasting Florence Fabricant and I were joined by Pascaline Lepeltier, wine director of Rouge Tomate restaurant in Midtown, and Victoria Levin, general manager of the Tangled Vine, a wine bar on the Upper West Side."
  2010: The Year of the Wine Bar, Again - December 1, 2010
"The Upper West Side can now claim one of the city’s most progressive wine bars
as its very own. Crucial intel: Daily from 5-7pm and during Sunday brunch from 11:30a.m. – 7pm, 3-4 special wine selections that are not on the menu are featured
at $6-$8/glass..."
  NY Times Diner's Journal - The Tangled Vine Opens on the Upper West Side - May 14, 2010
".... Tangled Vine is manna from heaven. "

The Tangled Vine
- May 25, 2010
"The Tangled Vine does its part to quell the craving by offering enough excitement
to grab the attention of those about to head downtown to eat without alienating
more cautious steak-or-chicken types."
  The Tangled Vine Wine Bar & Kitchen - May 3, 2010
"The Tangled Vine was clearly conceived with the inquisitive drinker in mind"
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The Feed First Look: The Tangled Vine Wine Bar & Kitchen - February 26, 2010
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  The Village Voice Off to the Pour House: The Tangled Vine Wine Bar & Kitchen - April 20 2010
"Seigal's cooking is not strictly Spanish, more of a freestyle Mediterranean-
Californian-wine-bar mash-up, sprinkled here and there with tired trends."

The Tangled Vine Wine Bar & Kitchen: Best Use of Squid Ink

Sauteed Pea Shoots with Pine Nuts and Raisins at Tangled Vine Wine Bar
- Apr. 1 2010
  The Examiner Restaurant Openings - March 8, 2010
"Two things distinguish the Tangled Vine from other Upper West Side wine bars: the Mediterranean menu of David Seigal, formerly of Mercat, and the wine program "

The Tangled Vine - New York Magazine Profile
  The Examiner Tasty Tuesdays: The Tangled Vine - November 30th, 2010
"What is organic, sustainable, biodynamic AND delicious? The Tangled Vine's wine list, and their food menus too. The Tangled Vine believes in serving the best Mediterranean and European wines crafted by vintners who care about the quality of the process of wine making as much as the final product."
  Drinks for the House The Tangled Vine April 23rd, 2010
"The Tangled Vine is a cute restaurant and wine bar that opened about
two months ago, about a block from the Museum of Natural History."

434 Amsterdam Avenue at 81st St, New York, NY 10024      T: 646.863.3896     F:646.863.3905