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The Tangled Vine is a place created with the notion that wine wants a cozy home, sympathetic companions and delicious food to flourish and show its best. Isn’t the same true for all of us?

Wine lists, really good wine lists, are inventories of taste - authored by a few for the pleasure of many. Reading one should be enjoyable, energizing, intriguing. While you’re perusing through, there’s no right or wrong; it’s a matter of individual taste. It’s a personal experience not driven by critics, polls, scores or magazines.

The Basics: We offer over 40 wines by the glass and more than 225 by the bottle, all on constant rotation. Our list is all Old World, concentrating on natural wine growing and production. Natural wines refer to Organic, Sustainable & Biodynamic methods, and we feature wines primarily from France, Italy, Spain, Germany, and a few fun surprises.

Don’t just drink what you know; drink what you don’t!


Sustainable: Minimal use of pesticides, herbicides, and chemical inputs. Natural yeasts from the vineyard are used wherever possible. The sustainability of the vineyard is a primary consideration.

Organic: No herbicides or pesticides are used. All natural yeasts and minimal sulfites are the norm. (Note: “organic” does not mean “no sulfites”). The sustainability of the vineyard is paramount.

Biodynamic: A holistic and spiritual approach to viticulture started in the 1920s by Austrian philosopher Rudolph Steiner. It’s 100% organic growing and production, but it goes a step further relying on homeopathic treatments in the vineyard and adherence to the lunar calendar for planting, harvesting, and cellar work. The famous French Vigneron Nicolas Joly refers to Biodynamic as “a way of helping the grapes catch the climate and soil in the wine.”

-The Tangled Vine Team
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